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When I mix for you, I will bring along highlevel equipment to present the details of Tangomusic in very good quality with a reasonable sound level. 

Standard gear I will bring along:

  • professional DJ gear wirh Apple MacBook Pro, DJ software Native Instruments Traktor Pro, DJ-Controller Numark DJ-2-GO, high quality external Audio device (RME Babyface), special handmade DJ mixer (E&S DJR400T)
  • Palmer Monicon, high quality passive sound level control (for events where a mixer is not able to transport not necessary for the installation)
  • MU.T.T.I combiner and isolater (comines the stereo signal to a professional balanced mono signal) from Atelier der Tonkunst
  • all connections for amplification system (from home HiFi to professional systems)
  • professonal backup solution
  • organizer doesn't need to bring along CD-players for me


Organizer brings along:

  • current connection 220 V (not connected to the light system) 
  • a table, 80 x 120 cm
  • acces (if possible one channel/mono, otherwise two channels/stereo) for the amplification system in the location (preferably balanced plugs Microphone/XLR, TRS, or unbalanced Cinch/RCA)

Options / expansion capabilities:

  • special DJ-mixer (E&S DJR400T) and a microphone SM 58 (Shure) for announcements
  • presentation of the actual orchestra - with iPad or a small beamer/projector
  • Graphic Equalizer from dbx with two 15-band faders (not possible when travelling by train or airplane)
  • amplification system (HK Audio Elements Big Base with 2 Subs and 4 top elements), especally good for dancers - click for more information

Last update: 2016-08-01


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