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I am a Musicalizador for Argentine Tango, living in Ravensburg, Germany

I like to DJ in the traditional format in Tandas with Cortinas, selecting the Tangos from the 30s to the 50s.

  • In Regensburg I was mixing monthly for the Tango12-Salon for 11 years (from 2006 to 2017).
  • Since autumn 2018 I mix nearby every Thursday at "Milonga PUERTO", located close to the harbour of Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance, Germany
  • I am also DJ-ing in the south of Germany, Austria and other european countrys - in the German section of my homepage You will find my refenrences.
  • Additionally I give Workshops for DJs or talks and lectures about musicality for dancers or interrested people.

I like to dance in traditional Milongas and at Encuentros in case of the social way of Tango, guided by the Codigos.

Foto: Marius Spannbauer

Personal style

I try to describe my personal style

  • danceable music ist most importand for me, selceted just for dancers
  • the structure in Tandas with Cortinas supports the social way of dancing
  • energy, compas, melodies and singers are presenting a big variety of clear or complex offers for the dancers - I think, I like to represent this variety in my selections
  • valuable files combined with reasonable technics will make it possible to hear the specific tunes with a accommodating sound level
  • the traditional "standard-format" is the big cycle: 4T-4T-4V-4T-4T-3M (or 4T-4T-3V-4T-4T-3M)
  • modifications of this format are possible for very short Milongas or for special events
  • from town to town the preferences of the dancers can be dissimilar - this preferences and studying the dancers on the danceflor are interacting with my selections of music
  • the "Epoca de Oro" is the the fundamet an the basic choice in the traditional format

Information, commitments, enquirys

Choose your way: You can use the contact-form, send me an e-mail <dj@djsalzer.com> or give me a call: +49-175-2081490 (cellphone)

Update: 2018-11-14


Tango-Lehrer, Tango-DJ

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mobil: +49 175 2081490

mail: dj [a] djsalzer.com

facebook: djsalzer

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