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Short report: ABRAZOS DE CORAZON (Austria) - Encuentro Milonguero

April 13th 2015 - actualized May 21st


"Abrazos de Corazon" is a small familiar Encuentro in Carinthia, Austria, with international DJs and participants. Happening in an old castle it has a special atmosphere in case of the location. Participants do not only gather there to dance - they are also welcome to share time with the others, the atmosphere of happyness, spirit of friendship and heartwarming embraces.



Organizer: a group of friends in Austria and Slovenia
Location: Moosburg Castle, Moosburg, Carinthia, Austria
Date: optionally once a year - (last event: April 24th-26th 2015)
facebook event page 2015:

facebook group:


Main features:

- ancient ballroom - historic wooden floor (carefully prepared for Tango dancers) - international DJs - light is good for Cabeceo - seating places with free choice - included water, juices and some snacks - accommodation and meals in the hotels are extra

- good organisation - relaxed and pleasant atmosphere - very good Ronda - Cabeceo works good


Additional information:

I participated this Encuentro for three times (2013-2015) and I like it very much in case of its cosy and familiar atmosphere.

Short report: NOCHES DE INVIERNO (Austria) - Encuentro Milonguero

April 2nd 2015



Organizer: SaTho, Vienna, Austria
Location: Palace in Reichenau/Rax, Austria
Date: January 2nd-4th 2015 - periodically the 1st weekend of January


Main features:

- big modern ballroom - good wooden floor - international DJs - good sound despersion - light is good for Cabeceo - between 200 and 250 participants - seating places with free choice - included all drinks, plus coffee and cake in the afternoon and a rich snack-buffet in the evening - accommodation and meals in the hotels are extra

- perfect organisation- mixed audience: experienced Milongueros meet newbies - no cliquishness - relaxed and pleasant atmosphere - Ronda works - Cabeceo works


Additional information:

The homepage for the next edition in winter 2016 is online. Registration will start on August 17th 2015.

Since April 1st 2015 the registration for the summer Encuentro in August at the same place is open.

Trip to Lyon - MiLYONguero 3, 14./15. March 2015

March 19th 2015

It was a short but great weekend in Lyon at "MiLYONguero 3".
On Friday Milonga in Regensburg (Ratisbon), Germany - preparing the technik for the flight - short nap (2 hours) - off to airport Munich - Flight to Lyon - great welcome of our hosts, Nicole and Jaques - again a short nap (30 Minutes) - off to Afternoon Milonga with "DJ Diego" - 20:00 h preparing my DJ-Set - start at 22:00 h - end at 4:00 h - went to bed very, very sleepy at 5:00 h - sleeping a little longer - Sunday Afternoon Milonga with "Ros Tangodj" and Despedida with "DJ Olivier" - danced until 11:00 p.m. - felt real tired but great !
I had fun, joy with new und and old friends and a great pleasure on the dancefloor!

Many thanks to all of you!!!

Release of my DJ-interview on the blog of Supersabino

March 18th 2015


I am just a little bit jazzed: DJ-colleague "Supersabino-Tangogroovemaster" made a interview with me and the release was today :-)

Here you can read the interview:
-> Interview with DJ Hans Peter Salzer

Humorous Tango caricatures from "Les Pas Parfaits", Montreal

March 10th 2015

It is just like a fairy tale: There is a group of Tango Enthusiasts in Montreal, Canada. They created a gift for the Tangoworld: It's a homepage with some wonderful illustrations about a Topic, called "Tango Etiquette“.

Honestly: We all try to take Tango seriously ... but to take it really serious it will help to have a sense of humour ... for to lough in the first step ... and then for to change some habits after ...

I like the humour of this illustrations/caricatures and I hope, You like it too!
I also share the pics in my media section.

My 1. Tangotrip to Belgium!

February 26th 2015


It was a long journey for a short weekend (21./22. February), but it was a pleasure!
A short trip to the exotic market in Antwerp … dancing very fine on Saturday at the Milonga Tangoteca in Ghent … a great location and audience in Antwerp at Milonga de Estar bien on Sunday … wonderful hosts, friends and dancers … with one word: it was great!
See you again in Belgium!!!
Milonga in Ghent
"Milonga Tangoteca", at Saturday once a month, homepage: Tangoteca Ghent
- cosy milonga - small location - good wooden floor - good trad. music and sound - good Ronda - chairs and tables near the bar - just a few chairs along the dancefloor - Cabeceo works - friendly atmosphere


Milonga in Antwerp
"Milonga de Estar Bien", at Sunday twice a month, homepage: Estar bien Antwerp
- middle sized milonga - fine location with chairs and tables on two sides of the dancefloor - good wooden floor - trad. music - very good sound system - fine light installation - good Ronda - Cabeceo works - friendly atmosphere

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