Picture: Flag of the Union Jack, Great Britain
Picture: Flag of the Union Jack, Great Britain

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"Noches de Verano" in Reichenau/Rax

The summer Encuentro from SaTho-Tango Vienna, "Noches de Verano" in Reichenau/Rax, will take place from 10. to 12. August 2018. The registration is already closed.

My schedule 2018-1

On the banner you can see my activities for the next months for national and international events.

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Special events in 2018 with Musicalizador DJ-Salzer

DJ-Salzer will serve his music at this Encuentros, Festivals and special events:

  • Encuentro "Noches de Invierno", Reichenau/Rax, Austria (January)
  • "Milonga Porteña", Stockach-Wahlwies, Germany (January, March, June)
  • "Milonga Criolla", Tango Querido, Kassel, Germany (February)
  • "Winter Weekend", Milonga con Amigos, Meggenhofen, Austria (February)
  • Milonga "Con Pasión", Marienfeld near Gütersloh, Germany (February)
  • Encuentro "Salzburg Amor", Salzburg, Austria (March)
  • Encuentro "Noches de Primavera",Reichenau/Rax, Austria (May)
  • Tango Weekend "Meta Fierro", Bad Ems, Germany (May)
  • Milonga at Montfort Palace, Lake of Constance, Langenargen, Germany (June)
  • Encuentro "Stockholm in a close embrace", Stockholm, Sweden (July)
  • Encuentro "Noches de Verano", Reichenau/Rax, Austria (August)
  • Encuentro "Boca Antwerp 4", Antwerpen, Belgium (August)
  • "Isla del Tango" Marathon, Lindau, Germany (September)
  • Tangofestival Innsbruck "Noches de garufa", Innsbruck, Austria (October)
  • Tango Weekend "TangoZauber Bayreuth", Bayreuth, Germany (November)
  • "Argentango Weihnachtsball", Wangen/Allgäu, Germany (December)

next event/s

  • Fri., 3. August 2018, DJ-Set trad., Milonga for Bailando-Reisen, Bizau, Austria
  • Sat., 4. August 2018, DJ-Set trad., Milonga Sana, Waldorfschule Überlingen, Rengoldshauser Str. 20, Überlingen, Germany, (info: www.tangoambodensee.info)

upcoming events

  • on Tour: 7.-14. August 2018 - with Sound-System -
  • Sun., 12. August 2018, DJ-Set, Despedida, Encuentro "Noches de Verano", Reichenau/Rax, Austria
  • on Tour: 16.-20. August 2018
  • Fri., 17. August 2018, DJ-Set, Encuentro "Boca Antwerp 4", Antwerp, Belgium

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