Picture: Flag of the Union Jack, Great Britain
Picture: Flag of the Union Jack, Great Britain

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Registration for "Boca Antwerp" is closed

The registration for the Encuentro "Boca Antwerp", that will take place in August at a wonderful place in Antwerpen, is actual closed again.

More information: Homepage Boca Antwerp

My schedule 2017-2

On the banner you can see my activities for the next months for national and international events. More information: Events 2017

Special events 2017 with Musicalizador DJ-Salzer

DJ-Salzer will serve his music for this Encuentros, Festivals and special events:

next event/s

  • on Tour: 17.-22. August 2017
  • Fri., 18. August 2017, DJ-Set, Encuentro "Boca Antwerp 3", Antwerp, Belgium

upcoming events

  • on Tour: 25.-27. August 2017
  • 25./26./27. August 2017, one DJ-Set, Encuentro "Al compas del corazón", Club Medyka, Warsaw, Poland
  • Wed., 30. August 2017, DJ Crossover, NeoLonga, Cinecitta at Multiplex, Nürnberg, Germany
  • ...

Last update: 2017-08-15


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