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Picture: Flag of the Union Jack, Great Britain

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My schedule 2017-3

On the banner you can see my activities for the next months for national and international events. More information: Events

Encuentro "Besame a Medianoche" in Verona

DJ-Salzer will mix for the New-Years-Eve DJ-Set at the Encuentro Capodanno Milonguero "Besame a Medianoche" in Verona.

"Noches de Invierno" in Reichenau/Rax, Austria

DJ-Salzer is happy, to be active for the "Noches de Invierno" in Reichenau again and to serve the music for a DJ-Set.

"Noches de Primavera" in Reichenau/Rax, Austria

SaTho-Tango Vienna are writing: "Dear Tango friends!
Due to your great interest in our Encuentros in winter and summer in Reichenau, we are very happy now to announce our first Encuentro in spring.
"Noches de Primavera" will take place from 11 to 13 May 2018.
Already on May 10 there will be a warm-up Milonga for early arrivals. This milonga is also open for unregistered people." The registration will start 1. February 2018.

"Noches de Verano" in Reichenau/Rax

The summer Encuentro from SaTho-Tango Vienna, "Noches de Verano" in Reichenau/Rax, will take place from 10. to 12. August 2018. The registration starts at 1. April 2018.

Special events 2017 with Musicalizador DJ-Salzer

DJ-Salzer will serve his music for this Encuentros, Festivals and special events:

  • Encuentro "Noches de Invierno", Reichenau/Rax, Austria, (January)
  • Encuentro "Wintertango" - private event - Germany, (January)
  • Encuentro "Tango Nieve", Ribniza/Pohorje, Slovenia, (March)
  • Encuentro "Milonguero de Primavera en Bremen", Bremen, Germany, (March)
  • Festival "Tango Fest Dresden", Dresden, Germany, (March)
  • Encuentro "WarmEmbrace@Antwerp", Antwerp, Belgium, (April)
  • Tango Weekend "Meta Fierro", Bad Ems, Germany, (May)
  • Encuentro "Les Cigales 9", Sainte Colombe, France, (May)
  • Milonga at "KellerTheater", Winterthur, Switzerland, (May)
  • First night with Milonga, Tango Opera "Maria de Buenos Aires", Theater im Kraftwerk Mitte, Dresden, Germany, (June)
  • Encuentro "Noches de Verano", Reichenau/Rax, Austria, (August)
  • Encuentro "Boca Antwerp 3", Antwerp, Belgium, (August)
  • Encuentro "Al compas del corazón", Club Medyka, Warsaw, Poland, (August)
  • Tango Weekend "TangoZauber Bayreuth", Bayreuth, Germany, (November)
  • Festivalito, Waldorfschule Überlingen, Germany, (November)
  • "Milonguero Weekend", Villa Giacomelli, Pradamano, Italy, (November)
  • "Fiesta de Argentina", Stockach-Wahlwies, Germany, (December)
  • Milonga "Gigolo-Night" Noche de Tango, Ulm, Germany, (December)
  • "Argentango Weihnachtsball" (Baile de Navidad), Wangen/Allgäu, Germany, (December)
  • Encuentro "Besame a Medianoche", Verona, Italy, (December/January)

next event/s

  • Sat., 16. December 2017, DJ trad., Noche de Tango special: "Gigolo-Night", Ballhaus, Ulm, Germany

upcoming events

  • Tue., 26. December 2017, DJ trad., Argentango Weihnachtsball, Wangen/Allgäu, Germany
  • on Tour: 30. December 2017 - 1. January 2018
  • Sun., 31. December 2017, DJ-Set. Encuentro "Besame a Medianoche - Capodanno Milonguero", Verona, Italy
  • ...

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